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Without the right high risk merchant account, you are always at risk of getting your funds held or possibly your account shut down.  In many cases the processor will hold your funds after shutting you down for as long as 9 months as well as add you to the MATCH or TMF list ( Terminated Merchant File ).  In these cases, getting a new merchant account would be very difficult if even possible.

We believe the best way to achieve growth is through strong business partnerships. From the multi-million dollar business, to the small mom and pop, the more educated a merchant is about the payment industry, the more likely they are to choose us as their provider.

Fill out the form to the right, or give us a call at: 866-477-3248 and  experience a whole new level of service.

Some Quick Facts about Royal Merchant Capital:

  • Over $100 Million dollars in transactions
  • Over 15,000 merchants
  • Offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami
  • Specializes in High Risk Merchant Accounts


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