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Are you looking for a High Risk Merchant Account?  Royal Merchant Capital provides high risk business solutions and merchant accounts for all your needs.  High Risk Merchant Accounts are reserved mainly for use in a business with high risks like a casino or e commerce in the adult industry.  If you are operating a business that may be regarded as a high risk category by merchant processing, it is often the case that many conventional merchant credit card processing banks will refuse to handle your merchant account. This can either be a direct result of your credit history or the type of business you operate, and no matter where you are in the world; you will be subjected to a variety of application requirements when the time comes to set up your merchant account, without guaranteed approval.

Just because your industry may be unconventional, it doesn’t mean you should have to frequently deal with the hassle of finding a credit card processor to work with.  At Royal Merchant Capital,  it is our belief that all legal businesses deserve approval for online orders and credit card processing.

We have a credible network of banks with whom we have direct relationships with and can guarantee you the best high risk merchant account that works specifically for your high risk business. We are happy to aid you with all you high risk business needs, like protection from unwanted charge backs and rejected payments. Royal merchant capital can get your High Risk Merchant Account approved with our speedy and professional approach, regardless of the type of online business you are in. If we dont have a solution for you, then no-one does! Call us today at 866-477-3248 so we can make it as convenient as possible for you,  or please contact us to obtain more information regarding the merchant account processing available for your product type.



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